If you want something done right, go find a 10-year-old. That proved true at Jackson Hole's Mountain Resort as a young girl successfully skied the legendary Corbets Couloir.

Jackson Hole Mountain Resort just shared this video of 10-year-old Tia DesLauriers dropping in (literally) to Corbets Couloir.

This video will show you why Corbets Couloir is where ski movies have been made. Even the best of the best sometimes decide not to try this dangerous route.

If Tia's last name sounds familiar, that's because it is. Tia's mother is Kit DesLauriers, the famous lady who was the first to ski down the Seven Summits, the highest peaks on each continent. Kit is the one who took the video of Tia. As The North Face website states, Kit also skied Mount Everest back in 2006.

Once the next Winter Games roll around in a few years, keep an eye out for Tia DesLauriers. With these kinds of skills, you have to believe there will be an Olympic ski team in her future.

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