I have watched this video dozens of times and I'm still not tired of it. It shows a baby girl born deaf hearing her mother for the first time.

Watch this and just try not to get emotional. I dare you.

Here's more about how Sydney ended up in this moment:

On March 9 at the Children's National Hospital in Virginia. Sydney's hearing aids were ready for her. It was a long, tough road to get here, spanning her entire 4 months of life. While being held by her mom and with dad filming, the doctor put in the hearing aids and turned them on. For the first time, Sydney was able to hear her name. For the first time, she heard herself cry. Her reaction, which began with crying, slowly turned to joy as her parents spoke to her. Her life ahead will be filled with challenges, but with technology what it is today and with her parents by her side, Sydney will be ready for anything.

Baby Hearing has some great resources for parents with kids who have suffered hearing loss or deafness. It's amazing technology that is changing the lives of kids who would otherwise be faced with a lost sense.

As for me, I am a big fan of stories like this so we can keep our eyes on the light while wading through occasional darkness.

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