I must admit that my dad was a far better hunter than I was, but I'm pretty sure this isn't the way it was supposed to work. A hunter shared a video of a baby moose that started following him because she was convinced he was her mother.

Check out the massive innocence and cuteness of this baby moose.

There are some very important notes about the video this hunter shared. First of all, he made no contact with the moose. He referred to not wanting a newborn moose to imprint with him. That's a crucial good deed on his part as a wild animal making any kind of human bond can be devastating if not fatal as Discover Moose Jaw notes.

He also did not stray too far away from the original area where the baby moose was located knowing it was following him so it could be relocated by the moose mama easier.

I don't think he did himself any good service by trying to capture video of the baby moose close up. For a guy who recognized that allowing this animal to bond with him or have his scent on the animal being bad, probably could have done without the more up-close parts.

One other aspect of this is the danger this hunter could have been in if the moose cow saw him near the calf. As Be Prepared mentions, being attacked by a moose is not something that man live to tell about.

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