Well, a bear's got to stay in shape somehow. A new video shows a bear taking a nice leisurely stroll through a Colorado YMCA.

Anne Williams shared this special bear moment on her Facebook page a few days ago.

According to Anne's status update, she works at the Estes Park YMCA. She was on duty the other night when she heard loud sounds. Her investigation led her to a very large black bear raiding the YMCA fridge. She fled, contacted security then recorded this phone video of the bear cruising down the hallway.

The good news is neither the bear or people were harmed in this encounter. Anne said that she heard security scare the bear out of the YMCA after she locked herself in the closet.

As she mentioned, this is the time of year when bears are bulking up for hibernation. This big guy looks like he could use a little time on the treadmill next time he stops by.

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