A family that lives in a normally quiet neighborhood had an unusually violent encounter in their backyard. They witnessed a bear violently taking down a deer in the middle of the day.

WARNING: this is extremely graphic video. It is not for the faint of heart. Seriously, the sound this deer makes in its distress is hard to listen to. This happened near Colorado Springs.

What else can you say other than what the family shared:

Bears are hungry this time of year, but this usually happens in the woods. Rather rare and dramatic footage

The video is not funny, but I will admit that I chuckled a bit when the husband said "call somebody". Good plan. Who are you gonna call? Oh, and I would get back in the house and away from the bear if I were you.

I've seen this shared this week as if it's new. I've done some digging and can confirm this bear vs deer incident actually happened back in 2015. Even 5 years later, this is harrowing video of how sometimes nature and the food chain can play itself out in your backyard - literally.

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