For once in my life, I can identify with a bison. A visitor in Yellowstone National Park captured the moment when a bison took an unexpected bath. I have been there and done that.

Watch this short but sweet bison moment in Yellowstone when a bison didn't realize that first step is a whopper.

The person who captured the video said this happened on May 26 as they were taking a trip through Yellowstone after it reopened. Here's what they saw:

During our ‘Rona Roadtrip, a bison was trying to find an easy way to cross the river. It wasn’t so easy. He plopped headfirst into the water, much to its surprise.

I have to confess that this bison misstep actually reminded me of that famous scene in Groundhog Day when Bill Murray repeatedly steps in the water hole.

Gotta love it when you get to witness nature being nature.

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