Some people will just never learn. There's a recent video showing a woman trying to pet a moose. Fortunately, she was not injured by the obviously very unhappy animal.

The video description says this happened in Breckenridge, Colorado.

Here's part of the description as to how this transpired:

Despite bystanders yelling at her not to, this girl followed moose across the street and slapped its behind, clearly harassing the animal. The moose kicked towards her after she wouldn't back up.

You can hear witnesses warning the woman to leave the moose alone. The word "idiot" was used and it's hard to argue with that thought process.

The Be Prepared website gives some helpful tips to understand that you are about to be owned by a moose. Their very first guideline is to give the moose plenty of space. They won't automatically attack you, but if you agitate them like this woman did, you're asking for it.

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