How do you make sure that no one steals your food? If you'd like a life lesson, I present to you a donkey named Wallace. He has become internet famous thanks to his special talent and protecting his snacks.

This has become such an internet hit that it's been shared by BoingBoing along with other sites like Digg thanks to a short but sweet video on Instagram.

If the Instagram video doesn't show up right on your device, here's the YouTube share:

If you've never been on the receiving end of a donkey kick, it's the opposite of fun. The power of the kick along with the rather harsh demeanor is why some of these animals are used to guard livestock.

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If urban (or would it be rural) legends are to be believed, donkeys may be the Chuck Norris of the animal world. These dogs who got too close to sheep that donkeys were guarding would likely testify about their toughness.

Next time you have a friend or family member that tries to scarf food from you, remember Wallace. Maybe a warning kick would help them understand that your food is your food.

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