In Wyoming, we understand there is nothing more romantic than going out for a nice nature walk and running directly into a grizzly. Oh, wait...

I saw this trending first on Digg. Paxton Graham and his new bride were out for a walk in Katmai National Park in Alaska. They came upon a corner with pretty heavy foliage. That made for kind of a blind corner where they were confronted with a huge grizzly strolling their way.

I have to commend these love birds on instinctively following a practically text book way of dealing with this situation. If you run, you're likely dead. If you act aggressive, you're likely dead. They both spoke in a very calm voice saying "Hey bear" and got out of the bear's path.

The grizzly didn't make any aggressive moves toward them and just strolled on past, but you can imagine at least a dozen ways this could have ended tragically. Thanks to their quick thinking and cool nerves, they can now hopefully spend many more years together - alive.

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