I've never seen a house cat capture a full-grown deer, but this is close. There's a brand new video that shows a house cat who thinks she's a lion stalking a small herd of deer.

For what it's worth, this cat is named "Pam" and has obviously watched The Lion King a few too many times.

Here's what Pam's owner said about her "hunt":

Pam the ferocious cat goes up against a herd of deer in the wild and scares them off.

I will admit that calling these deer a herd is a bit of a reach. Yes, a small group of does would probably have mathematically have been more accurate.

It's interesting that this domestic house cat is acting like a lion. It inspired me to check out a veterinarian site that explains some of the differences. Their genetic differences involve aggression, pupil size and the fact that cats purr, but don't roar while lions roar but don't purr. Confused? So am I.

Gotta appreciate the attitude of Pam the house cat. I would love to have seen what would have happened if she had actually caught one of the deer. Maybe next time.

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