The American West is the home of wildlife. We humans are merely visitors. That point was proven yet again by a huge moose who seemed to be mystified why humans were on his trail.

This special moose moment was captured in Rocky Mountain National Park. This is one big boy.

Here's what the person who captured the video said about the experience:

My wife and I were on a guided backcountry backpacking trip to fly fish in Rocky Mountain National Park. At one point we came across a large moose on the trail. The moose was above us and didn’t move for a while so we decided to pass him on the trail. After I passed him he started downhill, which is what was captured in the video.

Rocky Mountain National Park is my favorite place on Earth. Period. It was my first experience in the mountains back in 1985 and my family has returned there several times since.

Here's a pro tip if you encounter a moose while hiking. Stay away from the moose. Second pro tip: get out of the moose's way. The hikers on the other side of this trail are way too close in my opinion. This could have turned into a bad situation quickly.

Sunny Sports shares some pointers on moose behavior. They mention that if a moose smacks its lips or lays its ears back, they're not happy with you. They also say that if the hair is standing up on the moose's back, you could be on the receiving end of an attack. If you're close enough to see the hairs on the back of a moose, you are way too close. Fortunately, this was just a chance encounter and no humans or hikers were harmed. But, remember that this is their land and you're just visiting.

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