The cat version of Chuck Norris may be this kitten as there's video showing it standing down a wild Montana bobcat.

Watch this true show of domestic house cat force from Red Lodge, Montana.

Here's how the cat's owner described what went down:

I live in Red Lodge, Montana in the mountains, and I heard something for about 10 minutes that sounded like a sick cow. When I looked on my deck, I saw my 10 month old kitten, Ari, in a standoff with a bobcat. The bobcat took off and Ari chased it around my guest house and then I took the video. She was not scared off at all and stood her ground. I didn't want to scare my cat because if she ran the bobcat would have chased her, so I made soft sounds to get it to leave. My cat then took off after it again!

I'm not disrespecting this cat's bravery, but I have to wonder if this encounter might have ended differently if the owner hadn't appeared around the corner. My guess is the bobcat was sizing up the kitten and eventually would have had its way. But, kudos to this little guy for standing his ground. Chuck Norris would be proud.

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