A fire incident in Natrona County a few days ago led to a family losing their home. New video shows how a pilot assisted firefighters in their effort to snuff out the blaze.

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According to a report by K2 Radio, the Reid Canyon fire incident was due to an "accidental unattended burn barrel". That left one Natrona County, Wyoming family without a home.

A just-shared video from a pilot shows the process of how he approached the fire zone and the chemical drop from several different angles. One even shows it from the firefighter's perspective.

The video seems to show two different single-seat aircraft that were equipped to fight the fire.

The good news is at last report, the Reid Canyon Fire appears to be contained.

On a related note, there's a museum in Greybull, Wyoming of Flight and Aerial Firefighting. Roadside America says it contains "dozens of the last remaining examples of WW II bombers, numerous types of helicopters and the KC-97, the world's largest air tanker". It's a reminder of the different types of methods still being used today to keep fires like the Reid Canyon incident from becoming a wider wildfire event.

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