If you're driving a train, you understand there will be delays. However, you probably don't expect that one of those delays will come from a horse who's decided to stop on a bridge you need to cross. That's exactly what happened.

This video was just shared over the past day or so, but I believe this incident dates back some time. It was captured by a train conductor that noticed something was walking on the bridge he was approaching. That something was a horse who was not in a big hurry.

Kudos to the conductor for being alert. That could have been a very bad situation. The comments on YouTube have been almost as interesting as the video:

Ry_Bro10 - "If I were you I would be confused"

Russ Catt - "Hold your Horses!"

95thousandroses - "Why the h*** was a horse crossing a railroad bridge???"

The obvious answer would be "to get to the other side", but I understand the confusion. At least this horse/train moment has a happy ending.

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