It's been an active year for earthquakes in Idaho. Late last week, there was an earthquake significant enough that it collapsed a 200 foot spire in the Sawtooth Mountains as video of that moment was captured by hikers and boaters.

This is actually a very famous rock known as Baron Spire (aka "Old Smoothie") This is one of many videos that captured its collapse after a magnitude 4.2 earthquake shook the area. NOTE: be warned that this guy uses some very NSFW salty language.

This was just one of many videos that were recorded as the rock slide happened. Fortunately, no hikers or climbers were injured according to reports.

The Stanley, Idaho area has been rocking since the huge 6.5 magnitude quake that struck the area back in March. It's just one of the many events of 2020 that leave you shaking your head. No earthquake pun intended.

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