It can be kinda dicey trying to travel in parts of Glacier National Park. Thirteen cyclists found this out the hard way when they were stranded on one of the roads thanks to an avalanche.

National Parks Traveler was one of the sites that shared the story of 13 bicyclists that decided they wanted to traverse Going To The Sun Road inside of Glacier. They were stopped in their tracks by an avalanche that completely covered the road. This happened on Memorial Day.

It took more than 8 hours to clear a path for the cyclists to retreat to safety. The good news is according to the report, the cyclists were cold but uninjured.

This incident is one example of why the National Park Service recommends bicyclists take supplies in the event they get stranded inside of Glacier. They include in that warning that you should also take bear spray just like you would if you're camping. That's because there's bears. Fact.

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