It's Spring in Wyoming, and that means that our wildlife is on the move.

This week we came across a video of some Bison on the move on Wyoming's North Fork Highway.

This particular group was on their way to Yellowstone when Wyomingite Greg Wise caught them on film.

This is what he had to say about his video:

These bison were running down the side of the road on the North Fork highway way before we caught up to them and then tried to slowly pass them. As soon as they crossed in front of us I slowed down and stopped to let them across. I think they were making their way back to Yellowstone which was just a few miles down the road.


Anyone that has lived in Wyoming can appreciate how hard it can be to navigate around large herds of Bison.

Thankfully Wise knew to stay in his car, and to slowly pass them while paying attention to all the traffic around them.

He also lets the Bison have the right of way when it's clear they are going to cross the road, nicely done sir.

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