This wouldn't be something that Wyomingites would call weird, but for highway traffic in the other Windy City, this is most definitely not the norm. The Census Cowboy took his horse for ride on Chicago's Dan Ryan Expressway.

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The Census Cowboy, or the Dreadhead Cowboy, is one Adam Hollingsworth, who is known for riding his horse around the Chicago streets. The video (above), shows a man believed to be Hollingsworth, riding his horse on one of the city's busiest expressways. After quite a long run, he is eventually arrested by local authorities.

Chicago's mayor, Lori Lightfoot, introduced the "Census Cowboy" back in mid July 2020, as his came out to the crossover Country Rap song, Old Town Road and stating:

If you see the Census Cowboy come into your neighborhood, that's not a good thing. That means you need to step up and do your part.

Again, for us Wyoming folk, seeing a horse on the street any given day is nothing new. Matter of fact, it' common place to see a horse and rider at your favorite fast food drive-up window, but even we might look twice to see one on I-25.

Luckily, the horse, the rider or any drivers were harmed during this incident.

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