For decades, South Dakota had its very own Flintstones theme park. The park is no longer around, but the memories from those who have visited are still alive today.

Once upon a time, you could make a short drive to this 62 acre theme park to visit Fred, Barney, Dino and all of your favorite Flintstone characters. After opening in 1966, Bedrock City delighted families with prehistoric fun. Unfortunately the park closed in 2015 and was demolished in April of 2019.

I remember taking this trip with my family when I was very young. It was cool for me to be able to see inside the 'Bedrock' homes and to meet all of the characters. Although the popularity of 'The Flintstones' has not carried over to the younger generations, I still think my son would have enjoyed it. It is a bummer it is no longer in existence, but I am thankful I was able to enjoy it as a kid.

Check out this 'Bedrock City' video from 1968.

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