If the weather behaves and you don't mind being a late night owl, you can see a spectacular super snow moon over Casper Saturday night.

The Farmer's Almanac details what to expect from this February full moon and why it's referred to as a super snow moon. According to their time and date calculation, the super snow moon will be at it's brightest over Casper at approxmately 12:34 am on Sunday morning, February 9 although it will obviously first be seen Saturday night, February 8.

Why is it a snow moon? That's thanks to the fact that the most snow falls in February. Duh. One of their moon experts gave some more backstory to why a super snow moon is a super snow moon.

But, Casper is Casper which means there's a chance our skies may not be clear. Saturday is supposed to start off good, but the night forecast does not look promising according to the National Weather Service.


So that's a big maybe if the super snow moon will be visible over Casper. Wouldn't it be ironic if the super snow moon is blocked by snow?

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