You really need to see this to believe it. There's a person who ran into a black bear somewhere in the Wyoming woods. For some reason, he/she decided it would be a good idea to follow the bear. Fortunately, he/she lived to tell about it.

It's no sin to run into a bear when you're out in the wilds of Wyoming. It happens. Bears live there, so yes it's always a possibility. But, how you respond to your bear encounter could decide whether you live or die.

I counted nearly a half dozen times in this video where the bear tries to flee and the person follows it. If you look at the Bear Wise Wyoming website, you won't find "follow the bear" on a to-do list. This is true for any bear, but black bears can turn aggressive in a heartbeat especially if they feel like you're cornering them.

I truly feared for this person for the entire 2 terrifying minutes of this encounter. It could have ended a zillion times worse. Fortunately, they lived long enough to share this video. Hopefully they will act differently if it ever happens again.

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