I follow a lot of local accounts on Instagram, and one of my favorites is ShedNecks.

Not just because of their logo (which is awesome IMO) but because it's a business located in Central Wyoming that often showcases local people and places.

When I came across a recently posted video of a Golden Eagle attacking a young Antelope I knew I had to share it with you.

While I know Eagles are big, it was crazy to see that the Golden Eagle was as large as this Antelope fawn...if not bigger.

In the description of the video Ben Gorman (one of the owners of ShedNecks) says:

We got to witness something pretty incredible yesterday while out scouting critters. 5 golden eagles were shadowing a herd of about 100 antelope taking turns trying to pick off last year’s fawns and they finally got one down, ate off both front shoulders for about 5 min while still alive and then it finally broke free and ran off.



Crazy right?

Gorman went on to say:

With the -15F temps unsure if this poor thing made it through the night but still pretty wild to witness this go down. Nature is savage AF

I can't help but feel bad for the poor Antelope, but we all know it's the law of nature...only the strongest survive.

ShedNecks is a local business that provides made-in Wyoming hunting gear and apparel.

They also promote local hunting and conservation and are Antler buyers.

I definitely recommend following their Instagram for more fabulous up-close looks at Wyoming wildlife.

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