I always enjoy sharing stories of people doing the right thing. That's definitely the case for four guys who were out snowmobiling when they came across a moose stuck in deep snow.

Watch their act of bravery here.

The YouTube share includes details of how this rescue came about:

While snowmobiling, a group of four snowmobilers, Mark Weir, Ethan Colborne, Ryan Tizzard and Wade Noble, saw a moose fall into a tree well from a distance. After carefully approaching the scene and seeing that there was no way the animal could get itself out, they decided to take action and rescue it.

This was especially dangerous due to a couple of extra factors not including the fact that a moose can do serious damage to a human. As you can see near the end of the video, this moose appears to have an injured back from the fall down the hole. On top of that, the animal appeared shaken and desperate after being unable to get out of the snow hole.

How Stuff Works even addresses the thought that moose are more dangerous than bears due to their population size. Even though they aren't naturally aggressive, they can attack if they feel threatened. Maybe this moose actually understands the generosity of these humans who saved it. Just glad that all ended well with the moose escaping back into the woods and these snowmobile guys having the satisfaction that they did a good deed.

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