You've probably heard me talk often about how much I love the nordic ski trails and the snowshoe trails on Casper Mountain.

I learned several years ago that the trick to not only surviving the Wyoming Winters, but thriving in them, is to embrace the cold weather, wind, and snow.

Getting outside and soaking in some of that Winter sunshine while breathing in our fresh brisk mountain air, is the best way I know to improve my mood and attitude.

Through the years I've spent hours upon hours snowshoeing our local trails (specifically Eadsville and Copper) and I've learned that while breaking my own trail is manageable, and a major workout, I prefer being up on the mountain after they've groomed the trails.

It never actually occurred to me HOW they groom the trails, or who "they" is until I recently came across @CasperTrails Instagram account.

I quickly realized that the gorgeously groomed snowshoe trails were created by a member of the Casper trail group that drags the grooming tool behind them.

I was immediately impressed because I know how hard it is to break 3 plus miles of trail without dragging anything behind me...




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Below is a look at more of the trail, you can see that because of the wind, many spots on the wide-open areas of the trail are bare down to the dirt.




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If you're interested, here's a quick look at some of the Eadsville Snowshoe Trail on Casper Mountain.

Snowshoe Trails On Casper Mountain

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