I'm pretty jaded when it comes to drone videos. It takes a lot to impress me. That being said, I've just found a new video that just might be the finest drone video of Wyoming's Devil's Tower National Monument - ever.

The funny thing is this doesn't come from a major YouTube channel or high profile website or network. The YouTube channel is called Johnny Drone and as of this writing only has 25 subscribers. Here's what he/she/it said about this video they've captured:

Our final stop on our big trip to Devil's Tower in Wyoming. It was shrouded in fog in the morning but slowly cleared to a spectacular reveal. Took the drone up and shot some video.

I think the fog was part of what makes this special along with the fact that they grabbed true 4K video. The fact that there's an American flag in several of the shots helps, too. See if you're as impressed with this as I am.

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In my opinion, this is practically postcard material here.

Johnny Drone via YouTube
Johnny Drone via YouTube

I'm proud to be one of if not the first person to share this guy's work. Truly well done and a great representation of why many of us in Wyoming believe that Devil's Tower National Monument is the most underrated areas in our state.

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