A family went on vacation in their brand new red, white and blue Jeep. They woke up the next morning to find out a family of bears were way more patriotic than them.

This is no ordinary Jeep. This is a 2020 Gladiator. That's a mighty fancy jeep complete with red, white and blue flag seat covers.

In typical Yogi Bear tradition, these bears had no problem figuring out the door handle. The first bear didn't even flinch when it came to getting into the driver's seat. He/she even poked their head out of the top when the previous owners questioned them from the window above.

Considering the political climate of our country at the moment, it's encouraging that our bears remain as proud to be American as ever. It also proves that what a bear wants, a bear gets.

Glad to report that according to the YouTube description, there was no actual damage to the Jeep or the bears.

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