The mountains of Wyoming have a little more Sunshine. Sunshine, the bald eagle rescued by Ironside Bird Rescue, is free to fly once again after recuperating from lead poisoning and West Nile virus. [Facebook videos may take a moment to load.]


The most amazing thing happened when we got to a release site. There was an adult bald eagle floating above us. I hope it was her mate as they mate for life and she was released less than a mile from where she was found - Ironside Bird Rescue wrote on Facebook on 10/08/2019.

Ironside got a call about a bald eagle that wasn't able to fly at Sunshine Reservoir near Meeteetse. They were able to capture the bird, and after a month or treatment and care, the eagle was healthy enough to be released back into the wild.

Ironside Bird Rescue is a non-profit dedicated to rehabilitating injured birds. They are operated out of Cody, WY. The rescue has been in operations since 1987, and they became a 501(c) in 1990.

Photos of Sunshine after she was rescued in early September 2019.

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