Casper's wild turkeys, often identified as "Thomas Gobbles & Friends", have migrated north of the area where they normally congregate. I've seen them a lot more often on Center Street lately, were before, they were normally causing havoc closer to the area near and around Casper College.

A local resident, Nelli Jeanne Lucus, captured video yesterday (August 13th, 2020) of the wild turkeys causing a small traffic jam near the Center Street underpass. Nelli stated she originally started recording to get some funny footage, but then an inconsiderate motorist in a white hatchback swerved in traffic, tires squealing, honking the horn and nearly hitting two of the birds.

Neither the birds or any other drivers were injured, but this could have ended very badly. Considering how close that underpass is to the Casper Police Department, I'm a little shocked someone would be so bold as to drive this way.

While we all know these animals can be a pain the hindquarters, safety should always come first on our streets. Not to mention, no matter how much we complain, Casper just wouldn't be Casper without the Thomas Gobbles Clan.

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