What  you will see in the video above are two police officers dressed as Santa and and elf making an arrest at a shopping center in California. This is one arrest of many.

The police called it Operation “holiday enforcement.” Personally I would have gone for Operation Naughty List, but, whatever.

Santa and his oversized elf stopped a woman with bags full of merchandise, a homeless serial thief and a 55-year-old with --- get this -- $1,000 in Lego products. Lego products?

I just picture grandma at Christmas saying, "I stole this just for you."

You'll want to watch the video, above, so see Santa's elf holding a man at gunpoint. It's priceless. Nothing says Christmas joy like Saint Nick bum tackling a thief to the ground.

You'll hear someone yelling “Get him, Santa!” as they hit the grass with a THUD!

It's Christmas 2020. Lets go to the store and shop ---- lift.

Next time police do this I'd like them to find an officer who is actually short enough to be an elf. I mean, it's one thing to see Santa take a thief down, but to see a tiny elf chase a guy and tackle him would really make my year. I bet it would make yours too.

I hope that these thieves are in jail through Christmas so they can face the embarrassment of having their families visit them behind bars. Worse yet, face the embarrassment of their families being too embarrassed to visit them. What would they tell their cell mates then?

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