There have been brief moments of encouragement during the pandemic this year. Another one has appeared in the form of a sweet husband who sang for his wife in quarantine.

There are no details given in this Facebook share of where it happened or what the specific circumstances were, but I really think this will make you smile inside.

The facts we do know is this man's wife is in quarantine and he can't be near her. Instead of just accept that, he sings "You Are My Sunshine" outside of the assisted living center where she's being cared for.

This is just one example of human goodwill that we've seen during this crisis. A few weeks ago, we shared the story of Dennis Cockrell who posted signs outside of his wife's hospital where she was getting chemotherapy treatments.

Then, there was the New Jersey family who held a parade for their great-grandmother celebrating her birthday. We also documented the cowboys who took their horses to an assisted living center to cheer up residents.

We need to keep celebrating these moments until a light appears at the end of the tunnel.

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