Along with the on-going tragedy of this coronavirus pandemic,  there are special moments of humanity that have appeared. That's the case for this video of a sweet lady who performed a window concert for a 99-year-old hospice patient.

Here's how the video share was described by the woman who sang:

I did a porch concert for the residents since they’re not able to do anything except stay inside because of the COVID 19 virus. I learned of a lady who was 99 and on hospice that couldn’t attend the concert so we found her window and her nurse cracked it open so I could sing to her from the outside.

This crisis has been especially trying for families who have loved ones in assisted living facilities. The CDC guidelines restrict all contact with residents. The fact that this woman performed a porch concert is awesome in and of itself, but her taking the time to make sure this hospice patient was not forgotten is especially touching.

It is another one of those special moments I love to share as kind humans rise above the tragedy and help others.

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