Our thoughts and prayers are with the families and community of Joplin, Missouri as they try to rebuild in the aftermath of the deadliest tornado in recent history.

Having lived in 'Tornado Ally' for several years, I know the panic and devastation that a tornado brings with it. It is indeed one of the most, if not the most, terrifying weather events known to man. I remember many a night, being woke by a pager or phone call and having to report to the radio station to provide information to the public as well as coordinate storm chasers and weather spotters.

Storm Chasers are a different breed of people, they chase and track tornadoes partly for thrill, but mostly to gather and provide information.  The are vital in our efforts to learn as much as we can about a tornado's direction and any patterns to try and prevent damage and loss of life.

Several storm chasers in Missouri were able to use their video camera to catch the deadly twister that hit the community of Joplin, MO as it started to form.

The American Red Cross is in need of donations to help with the recovery and assistance being provided for victims of the recent wave of deadly tornadoes. You can help - make a donation at redcross.org or send a text to donate $10 via your mobile phone bill, send the text - REDCROSS to 90999 - to make a donation.

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