It's not unusual to see fur coats in downtown Jackson, but it's not typically still on the animal. A new video shows a beautiful mountain lion on a hillside overlooking downtown Jackson.

Trevor of the YouTube channel Trekking With Trevor shared this mountain lion that attracted a large number of photographers.

Charlie Hamilton James shared a pic on Instagram showing how much attention this cat received.

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When you live in Jackson and there’s a mountain lion with a kill by the gas station

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It's no secret why this cat is lurking in the trees. Trevor noted that it has a carcass in the treeline below that it's keeping track of. The mountain lion isn't stupid and knows better than to venture down with a whole herd of humans nearby. In his video, the mountain lion never leaves its perch. Once darkness set in, maybe a different story.

For what it's worth, Trevor is an interesting follow on YouTube as he is quite the adventurer. He reminds me of what I would imagine would happen if Keanu Reeves were to ever decide he wanted to be a photographer and I mean that in a good way. Whoa.

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