This is not the type of story you would normally see on the news. But, I think it's worth a shout out that a guy responded to last week's blizzard in Wyoming by going out to help his neighbors.

The guy's YouTube channel is Guy in WY. He started the video by describing how he planned to wait out the blizzard by staying inside. That was until his neighbor called and said they were in trouble.

As he tells it, his neighbor first called his father-in-law who brought his plow truck out. Problem is it ended up also going off the road and getting stuck. The visibility was so bad he had to bring his vehicle to a halt.

This story has a happy ending as they were able to get his neighbor's car free right before the county plows arrived.

The rest of the world would probably look at a story like this and pass it by. But, I'm sharing it because it's what is really special about Wyoming. Around these parts, neighbors help neighbors when they're in a pinch. That's how we roll around here.

Guy in WY is also worth a follow on Instagram if you want to see what his everyday Wyoming life is like.

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