While many of you may not consider January a month known for its beauty, a recent time-lapse video created by Casper videographer Anthony Stengel of Stengel Media may change your mind.

What I think I love most about this video is its simplicity.

It's not a view of Casper from high on the mountain, or during a crazy blizzard or winter storm.

Instead, it's a view that many of you may share when you look out your window.

But, Stengel's time-lapse video (taken over 5 days) turns the seemingly ordinary into something beautiful.

The beautiful wide-open Western sky and the changing light is stunning.

And did you notice that for more than two days straight of the video the wind NEVER stopped blowing?

If that's not an accurate portrayal of life here in Casper I don't know what is.

This video is the perfect way to show friends or relatives what life here at the 5150' is like.

Perhaps if enough of us share it we can attract a few tourists or future community members to our wonderful town.

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