I'm thinking, after all this time, turkeys have had enough.

As we get closer to Thanksgiving and Christmas, the turkey eating season, I have seen more cases of these creatures acting aggressively toward humans.

Maybe this has actually been happening all along and it's just that humans have cell phones now and can post these attacks. I'll let you decide.

Below are a few videos of aggressive turkeys. You determine if this is open rebellion or not.


TURKEY CHASES BIKER: I'm thinking this turkey plans to run this biker out of town before he can join his family for Thanksgiving dinner.

Not convinced yet? Here is a video compilation of turkeys attacking and chasing humans. These birds seem so angry, they have lost all fear. Or maybe the humans are just wimps. Again, I'll let you decide.

TURKEY WILL NOT ALLOW MAIL CARRIER DELIVER THANKSGIVING AND CHRISTMAS CARDS: Those cards promote holidays where turkeys are the main course.

These birds can do little more than yell at us and charge. Why are we so afraid? We humans better step up or we'll wind up with a bunch of turkeys running the world.

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