If you want to solve a difficult problem, find some kids. One mom shared video of her two twin sons who solved their issues with a quarantine with a pillow fight.

Megan Elizabeth shared this special family moment on TikTok. According to her description, her boys normally talk about the issues of the day before they go to sleep. They decided to vent about being quarantined in a way only children could.

@megan.elizabeth.x3The 2 funniest people I know! They usually talk about what happened that day while I put the baby to sleep ##quarantine ##pillowfight ##humor ##brothers

♬ original sound - megan.elizabeth.x3

Highlights? Here are my favorite moments:

"We're in quarantines."
"Germs go away."
"Spring time. Spring time. It's almost spring time."
"I got you with my pillow germs."

Pillow fight ensues. Let's be thankful for children to bring some lighthearted innocence to a very serious situation.

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