Picture the bell ringing and the announcer calling loudly over the microphone.

The audience cheers.

Only this is not inside and it's not humans.

This is Alaska, and these are two of the biggest bears you've ever seen.

They are about the battle it out in a 9 minute fight.

Probably over territory.

There are not any ladies in the area and one does not owe the other money.

They don't even know what money is.

Who's going to win?

Just root for the big hairy one. That's your best bet.

Okay, here's the video. LET'S DO THIS!

First, they approach each other. But not directly.

They both stand and roar, which we can only assume is smack talk and cussing, in bear language.

This is the longest, most intense bear Interaction I have ever witnessed in my 25 years of guiding on the Alaska peninsula. Filmed on border of Lake Clark National Park. Two giant males compete for breeding season dominance in a sedge meadow. (bradjosephs).

This was recorded by a guide who had taken some tourists out to see if they could view some bears.

They got a lot more than they had hoped for.

The two bears go at it until they are both exhausted.

Sometimes it's hard to tell who the winner is.

The guide says that is counterintuitive.

The winner casually walks away, leaving the loser sitting there on the battlefield.

attachment-Bears Fight Youtube 2

A bear of this size can remove a man's arm from this socket with one casual swipe.

So imagine how much power you're witnessing here.

These two fight to the point that both are exhausted and having trouble moving and breathing.

So, who do you think won?

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