There's something about stopping by an 'all you can eat' restaurant to fill up on energy, that's exactly what bears are doing right now. According to Wyoming Game & Fish 

During the fall months, bears eat and drink nearly nonstop. They need to put on weight to prepare for winter and hibernation. This process is called hyperphagia

During hyperphagia, bears eat constantly and are always looking for a snack. According to Large Carnivore Supervisor Dan Thompson of Wyoming Game and Fish, bears are looking for an easy meal and if you're in bear country and you don't take precautions to make sure your food, garbage, bbq grills, gardens or even dog food is secure, you could be providing that easy meal. That's not a good thing for the bear, because once they get that easy meal they'll keep coming back for more and will need to be taken care of. That doesn't end well for the bear.

Right now berries are an easy accessible and tasty snack for bears as they're packing on the pounds for the coming winter nap. The bears natural instinct takes over and guides them to the exact locations and food sources they need to have a nice healthy meal.

Longtime wildlife photographer/videographer Greg Balvin has been capturing wildlife since the late 1970's and is known for some fantastic photos and videos. Many of the videos and photos you see of Grizzly 399 and her cubs are taken by Greg and Sandy Mell of Mellvin Video Productions. Living in the Tetons has it's advantages and being able to film wildlife for over 260 days a year is one of them for sure.

This video Greg posted on his YouTube page, shows exactly how much these black bears LOVE berries and can strip a berry patch very quickly.

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