I have no idea why the internet is obsessed with this, but it's seriously a thing. Someone captured video of a pine marten chasing a squirrel around a tree and the net won't stop watching it.

According to the video description, this happened a few days ago in Yellowstone National Park near the Madison River. The backstory is that the pine marten wanted to eat the squirrel. The squirrel wanted to mess with the pine marten. Here's a little of this chase. Try not to get dizzy watching.

The person who captured the video tried to explain what they witnessed:

This video was captured beside the Madison River in Yellowstone National Park. This pine marten, a brown weasel native to Yellowstone, appeared to be hunting the squirrel as the squirrel was simply playing with the marten. The chase went on for nearly 30 minutes but the squirrel eventually escaped.

The big takeaway from that story is these two went at it for 30 MINUTES. Wow.

I must confess that I'm not that aware of pine martens. The Wikipedia page for this species mentions they normally feed on mice and rabbits. You can add squirrels to their wish list based on this now viral video.

It's hard to tell since these two are running around the tree so quickly, but a pine marten looks like a cat and a fox had a baby to me. A hiker last fall shared a closer look at what a pine marten looks like.

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