We still have a few more weeks to enjoy Summer before the snow starts.

Earlier this month we talked about the growing popularity of paddleboarding in Wyoming. We heard back from a few listeners that it's just a bit too much work for them.

So, I put on my thinking cap and came up with a few inflatables that locals can use to float on the water, enjoy the scenery and sun while not having to actually do anything even remotely involving physical activity at all.

Unless you count dragging the inflatables down to the beach and blowing them up...but I have a solution for that too ;)

OlarHike via Amazon

Unicorns are 120% on-trend right now, so what better way to enjoy a float down the Platte River, or a leisurely day at Alcova than on this adult-sized Unicorn inflatable? As you can see by the picture below is fun for guys AND gals and according to one of the reviews, this inflatable is big enough to hold three kids or two adults. What's more romantic than a summer float down the Platte with the love of your life on a Unicorn?

Bestway via Amazon

If you have a big group of friends and want to make sure no one is left out of the fun, this next inflatable is for you. This "floating island lake pool raft lounge" is made for six adults and has a removable sunshade, cooler bag, six cup holders to keep your drinks within reach, a cooler bag to make sure those drinks are the right temperature for maximum enjoyment, extra wide pillow backrests for the ultimate in relaxation, and a mesh bottom to keep your feet cool on hot summer days.

According to one reviewer "We named it Floatchilla. Designed for six adults, we have seven crazy people on board, and it could probably manage ten. It’s easier to board than it looks, and has handholds on either side to assist, plus a ramp on one side. (But the truly determined will find that it is possible to bellyflop on board directly from the water.)"

This gal sounds super fun, I'm actually wondering how I can get her to invite me to the next big bash.

Intex via Amazon

Last, but certainly not least, we have the "Inflat-A-Bull" which gets major points for the best name ever! This Inflatable bucking bull is NOT just for the kids. Multiple reviews talked about the durability and how it could handle teenagers and adults.

I gotta say, this is by far my favorite inflatable and I can see how even when the summer is done you could use this in your playroom for that future bull rider in your life.

Side Note: The mom in me can totally relate to the lady in the yellow suit in the picture who is cringing. I would feel safer using this one in a lake setting where the chances of major head trauma would be less likely.

If you plan to invest in one of these inflatables I suggest getting this wagon for easily taking them down to the beach, and this battery powered air pump!