It's about time someone invented this. There is a laundry-folding robot and we need it in Wyoming now.

It's called the FoldiMate. Rich Demuro shared this epic video on Facebook showing this amazing invention in action.

Here's a description of how this works from the FoldiMate press release:

FoldiMate, Inc. announced today that they will be demoing a new, fully functional prototype at CES 2019. This prototype has been further advanced from its previous model, and now automatically adapts to the clothing item type and size. Now, folding a full load of laundry, of around 25 items, takes less than 5 minutes!

Users simply feed each item into the FoldiMate machine and FoldiMate neatly folds shirts, tops, blouses, pants (six years old up to XXL) and even medium-sized towels.

FoldiMate, you had me at hello.

One potential problem is that Rich mentioned on Facebook that FoldiMate would likely cost around $1,000. Would you accept a briefcase full of IOU's?

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