Many times throughout our time together each morning, Doc and I have very random conversations.

After all, when you're stuck working in a small studio space 5 hours a day you end up chatting about a little bit of everything.

One of the topics that we find ourselves often discussing is what certain objects are called.

I'm not sure how the great debate over this common shower accessory began but I will tell you that Doc's "I don't know...a scrubby thing?" was not really satisfying. Eventually, I was able to get him to commit to "Shower Pouf".

I personally call it a "shower poufy" which sounds admittedly a bit less sophisticated.

Per usual, we asked our coworkers to help us with this debate, and the most common response was "Loofah." I wasn't satisfied with this because it wasn't proving me to be correct...

So, we thought we would let YOU decide what the official term for this shower accessory is.

"Scrubbie" showed up a lot, and major points to Bobbie for her creative name of " Poofy scrubber dealio." 

High five to Laura who also called it a "poofy" and Virginia who made us laugh with "a worthless washcloth."

Rochelle called it a "skin chaffer," maybe use a little less pressure and a little more soap next time?

Overwhelmingly you agreed with my coworkers. Apparently, in Wyoming, this shower accessory is called a "loofah" though I want to add that the spelling varied widely.

We have one listener, Lorraine who kept letting other listeners know that it is "Not a loofah. Loofah is the inside of a type of gourd." Which of course sent me to to see if I could figure out what she was talking about.

It turns out that Lorraine is kind of correct. A Loofah/Luffa is a fruit in the cucumber family (the article then goes on to say it is eaten as a vegetable so not sure about the final answer on the "is it a fruit or vegetable" question) that when dried is used as a bath or kitchen sponge.

This is where it gets exciting, at least for nerds like me.

This is a picture of the dried out inside of a Loofah/Luffa fruit turned into a shower accessory.

Blue Handcart via
Blue Handcart via

This is not what we were asking about.

I headed to the Bath and Body Works site, figuring that THEY would surely have the official answer. After all, aren't they the experts?

So there you have it, we were ALL wrong.

Side Note: Breanna called it a "germ catcher" and based on this article titled "Sorry, But Your Loofah Is Probably A Cesspool Of Bacteria" from she may be right.

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