Collin made his debut on country music charts in 1991 with the release of his debut album 'All I Can Be', which produced his first Number One hit in "Love, Me". You probably remember these hits as well...which all made it to the number one video category on CMT.
"All I Can Be"
"Love Me"
"In This Life"
"I Want You Bad"
"That Was A River"
"That's My Story"
"Little Rock"
"My Kind Of Girl"
"One Boy, One Girl"
"Not That Different"
"I Think About You"
"On The Verge"
"Anyone Else"
"I can Still Feel You"
"Couldn't Last A Moment"
Check out his video of 'My Kinda Girl' below:

Collin maintained several Top Ten hits throughout the rest of the decade and into 2000. 2001's 'Can't Back Down' was his first album that did not produce a Top 40 country hit, and he was dropped by his record label soon afterward. He did not record another studio album until 2005's Twenty Years and Change, released on an independent label.

Between 1991 and 2007, Raye charted 30 singles on the U.S. country charts; he has also charted twice on the Adult Contemporary format as a duet partner on two Jim Brickman songs. Four of Raye's singles have reached Number One on the Billboard country music charts: 1992's "Love, Me" and "In This Life", 1994's "My Kind of Girl", and 1998's "I Can Still Feel You". He has also recorded a total of eleven studio albums, counting a Christmas album and a compilation of lullabies, in addition to releasing a Greatest Hits compilation, a live album, and a live CD/DVD package.

So what's he doing now? Well, His most recent album, Never Going Back, was released via Saguaro Road Records on April 28, 2009. It includes the tune 'Mid-Life Chrysler' listen to it Here
Collin is also touring and although he isn't making any stops in Casper or Wyoming as of can check out his tour schedule Here

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