With unemployment on the decline not only across the country, but also in Wyoming, some salaries are on the rise.  But when it come to average household incomes, how much does Wyoming bring home versus our neighbors.

The website Lovemoney.com put together a list of the average household income for every state and the District of Columbia.

Wyoming's economy is improving and energy sector jobs are becoming more plentiful.  With those higher paying jobs coming back to the cowboy state it is no wonder that our average household income is better than most states at $$74,667.  This is better than over half of the states in the country, but still slightly below the national average.

Here are the average household incomes for Wyoming's neighboring states:

  • Colorado - $84,384
  • Idaho - $64,513
  • Montana - $65,410
  • Nebraska - $71,166
  • South Dakota - $68,419
  • Utah - $79,414

And if you're curious as to which state has the highest average household income? Well it's not a state at all, the District of Columbia has an average household income of $110,614.

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