The chicken wing craze began in Buffalo, New York in the 60's when the owner of Anchor Bar cooked leftover wings in hot sauce for a late night snack for her son. Buffalo Wings were an immediate hit and spread across the country. In the late 1970's and early 1980's the wing trend became popular as a bar food and appetizers at restaurants.

The early 80's is when large franchises like Hooters and Buffalo Wild Wings came on the scene focusing mainly on wings. When wings really caught on, businesses needed to set themselves apart from the rest and started adding different flavors to broaden the appeal.

In the early days, wings were not the most popular part of the chicken, but that all changed after the wing craze began. Sporting events and get togethers are where you'll find wings as the main food item. For the Super Bowl every year there are 1.2 billion wings consumed by football fans and party goers.

Casper has over 120 different restaurants and a large percentage of them offer wings on their menus. Just like all types of food, everyone has their favorite place to get wings and some may have a different favorite place to get their wings depending on which flavor they get. Each year, the Shriners have a wingding that allows restaurants and wing aficionados put their wing making skills to test.

Wings and beer go together like Tom & Jerry, pancakes & syrup, biscuits & gravy, bacon & eggs or franks & beans. But...where does Casper go to get wings?

Yelp is a social site for everything local. People will go and leave a review for restaurants, stores, hotels, attractions, movie theaters, home services, auto services, bars, gyms and hair salons just to name a few. If people have a thought about it, they can leave a review for it on Yelp.

Obviously everyone will have a different opinion of the best hot wings, but here's what Yelp says.

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