Do you know which city - Cheyenne, Casper or Laramie - gets the most annual snow fall?  The results might surprise you!

With the chill of winter closing in upon us and snow already flying in the high country across the cowboy state, we thought it'd be interesting to see which of Wyoming's 3 largest cities receives the most snow annually.

According to the average snow fall in days for the 3 largest cities is not that far apart.  Laramie actually receives the fewest days of snow fall of the 3 with an annual average of 39.6 days.  While Cheyenne experiences 45 days of snow annually and Casper gets 48.4.

Their annual snow accumulation also follows along the same lines with similar results.  Laramie receives an annual snowfall accumulation of 49.7 inches a year.  While Cheyenne gets 60.3 inches of snowfall annually and Casper receives the most snowfall of Wyoming's 3 largest cities with an annual average of 74.9 inches.

Yellowstone National Park receives the most snow fall of any location in the state of Wyoming as Old Faithful get the most snowfall in the park with 207.8 inches of snow annuall over 83.9 days of snowfall.  Yellowstone Lake comes in a close second getting 193.7 inches of snow annually with an average of 91.4 snow days.

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