During President Biden's State Of The Union speech last night there were two things that he said that caused the people of Wyoming to let out a painful laugh.


1). "I am a Capitalist."


Mr. President, you do not shut down coal, gas, and oil companies, along with pipelines and ports to see our energy abroad and call yourself a "capitalist."

You cannot force us to use wind and solar and push us into eclectic cars, at taxpayer expense, when that is not what we want, and call yourself a capitalist.

A true capitalist would let the free market decide what energy we are using, what cars we choose to drive.

Electric car in charging

True capitalism is the purest form of Democracy. Every day each individual votes with their own hard-earned money on what they do or do not want. The government does not get to decide for them.

During his entire State Of The Union speech, the President kept talking about taking taxpayer money and "investing" it.

In socialist countries, the government "invests." In capitalist countries, the government stays out of the economy. You, as an individual, or company, choose where they want to invest.

The Wyoming economy had its ups and downs but overall it was doing just fine until non-capitalist thinkers began to medal with it.


2). "Ban assault weapons with magazines that hold up to 100 rounds. Do you think the deer are wearing Kevlar vests?"

Grandpa and Grandson going Duck Hunting

WOW, that caused a ROAR of laughter across the state of Wyoming. I could hear my neighbors spitting their drinks across the room.

Mr. President, nobody goes out hunting deer with a magazine filled with 100 rounds. Nobody uses an "assault rifle" to hunt deer.

The president does not even know what an assault rifle is.

The true definition of "assault rifle" is a gun that can, at the flip of a switch, go from one round per pull of the trigger to multiple rounds per pull of the trigger. Again, nobody is hunting with that.

Father and daughter hunting

Do not blame the hunter for what some nut-ball does when he shoots up a room full of people.

Furthermore, the 2nd Amendment has nothing to do with hunting. Our right to bear arms is there so we can protect our homes against intruders as well as ourselves when out in public, or against the government should it get out of control. 

Mr. President, if you want to stop mass shootings you have to find out why people want to commit mass murder. Going after the tool they use will not stop them.

3). No need to release oil from the strategic reserve, Mr. President.

Petroleum industry in the Permian Basin.
Sean Hannon

We have, in America, more oil, coal, and natural gas under our feet than is in Russia.

If you were really a capitalist you would get the government out of the energy industry and let our own people drill baby drill.

The reason we are importing is not because of the free market. It's because of our own government.

President Biden Delivers Remarks On The Economy From The East Room Of White House
Drew Angerer, Getty Images

I've covered and have been a critic of Joe Biden for decades. 

He honestly thinks he is the smartest man in the room.

He has never had any idea what he is talking about.

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