Bears and Skunks and Possums, Oh My!  Wyoming if full of critters looking for an easy meal.  Wildlife in Wyoming can create multiple problems for property owners when your garbage is not stowed correctly.

With winter approaching, every animal is stocking up and trying to add as much fat as possible to get them through the harsh cold conditions.

We have a large dumpster out back of our studio that gets emptied at least once a week.  But our dumpster lid is often tossed open in the Wyoming wind.  Today was a good reminder as to why garbage receptacles should remain closed and even locked when possible.

Someone had dropped some left overs into the dumpster and a young visitor decided to do a bit of dumpster diving to enjoy a quick and easy meal.

Raccoon's may be cute and furry, but the Wyoming Game and Fish department label them (along with Coyotes and Skunks) as Predatory animals and should be dealt with by someone who is experienced in handling and removing of these animals.

Whenever a nuisance animal is inside the city limits it is always best to contact your local game and fish office for assistance.

For more info you can go to the Wyoming Game and Fish website or Click Here