I've seen a lot of deer moments in my life, but I've never witnessed anything like this. A police dash cam video shows cars driving down a highway suddenly getting jumped by a herd of deer.

The Oakland County Sheriff's Department in Michigan shared this insane video a couple days ago. Imagine being one of these drivers.

As we mentioned recently when we shared info about the Wyoming that's located in Michigan, things are different there. The Oakland County Sheriff's Office is near Detroit. My theory is that the deer were fleeing Detroit, Michigan like all common sense living beings would. That's probably not fair, but come up with a better idea.

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In case you can see their Facebook status, here's what they had to say about this "event":

This goes for making a crazy day. It looks like no one was hurt and all the animals we’re OK at the end of it, but I am sure there was some very fast beating hearts! Another reminder you have to always be in control of your car and not distracted by anything else.

The fact that no deer or people were harmed here is almost miraculous. I've had more than a few vehicle encounters with Bambi in my lifetime and it never ended with neither of us being hurt.

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